Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Sandi Rog Dares You to Dream!

I just now made a new online friend, Sandi Rog. Like me, she's struggling to find her niche with her writing. Appropriately enough, her blog is called Dare to Dream, and she has a couple of posts lately that I really wanted to share with my fellow dreamers out there.

The first is called "His Gift, Not Mine." It's about all those times that we want to do something for the Lord--but we want to do it our way.

Another is called "Living the Dream." Sandi shares some great encouragement from marketing guru Jim Rubart.

So check out Dare to Dream if you're needing some encouragement and a little dose of perseverance today. I dare you!


  1. Robin, thank you for having "me" on your blog! I'm honored and thrilled. :-) Thank you! xxx

  2. Cannot wait to check it out! Thanks Robin and Sandi!