Monday, April 27, 2009

The Big Five-O and Cats in the Ceiling

Last Wednesday was a big day for me. The Big Five-O. Not only that, but in addition to turning 50, it was the last day for me to see co-blogger and niece Kristi before she hit the road for her move to L.A.

All you younger folks out there are probably thinking, how does a woman in this mature stage of life celebrate her birthday? As you would expect, life is more solemn and profound at this age, so it's important to commemorate it in a style that's suitable. I myself chose a Harry Potter-themed party, complete with cake and a screening of Order of the Phoenix.

Then later, my husband took me to Zoo Atlanta to see the giant pandas, especially Lun Lun and her cub, Xi Lan (Atlanta's Joy).

Yes, it's a little sad to leave childhood so far behind and do the mature thing, but I'm facing up to it as best I can.

Because it was Kristi's last day in town, it wasn't all fun and games. I was a little weepy at the idea of her leaving. Then she left her cats with me and I became downright distraught.

The idea was for me to babysit her two cats for a couple of weeks while she makes the drive across country and gets settled into her apartment. Then I would put them on a plane to her. Sounded simple enough.

The trouble started right after we let them out of their carriers. I had the brilliant idea they could stay in the basement, where they would be away from my foul-tempered cat and have plenty of room. Big mistake. They would have been much better off in my guest room, with a cozy amount of space and a bed to hide under. Trying to get away from all that space, they started climbing, and found a crawl space up in the ceiling that I hadn't even realized was there.

The pictures are from Kristi's bon voyage party and show her and her kitties, Bundles (gray) and Leo (black). I'm glad I took these pictures. For a while there, I figured it was the last time I would ever see their faces.

Bundles remained in the ceiling for three full days. Leo finally came down last night, after four days. A lot of time, energy, coaxing, climbing on step ladders, and tuna fish went into the rescue operation. One day, a colleague asked me if I had finished taking pictures of my handmade items so I could open my online shop. I told her I had planned to do it that week but hadn't counted on cats in the ceiling. I promised to try to do it the next day, if nothing unexpected happened. But then I added, "But really. In life, it's always cats in the ceiling."

She said it would make a good bumper sticker. Maybe I'll have some printed up and include them in my online shop. You can order one, if you feel like your life is just a series of cats in the ceiling.


  1. Oh, that's really a funny cat story, Robin! Glad they finally made their way back to real life. I've got a funny story of when we were in Nigeria and had what we called "rats in the relfry!" We had a bush next to the house that got so tall that the rats would climb up it and got in the attic. John and our son Mark went up there to try to set traps. It was an asbestos ceiling and thin, and John ended up partially falling through. Enough so that he made a large-ish hole. So there we were, with a hole in the ceiling right next to our bed,and knowing rats were up there. It happened on a Sunday and no shops were open, so we really had nothing with which to cover the hole. We put a large box on the floor next to the bed, and John had a bat beside him during the night so that if a rat fell down into the box, he could send it on to rat heaven. (Though I sincerely doubt there is such a place!) Anyway, we survived, but I certainly didn't get the best sleep of my life!

    And a belated Happy Birthday to you! I love the mature way in which you honored the occasion! On my 20th, I celebrated by having my first alcohol--a margarita at the Mexican restaurant!

  2. I see I just wrote that on my 20th b'day I had my first alcohol. That makes me sound like I was breaking the law. What I really meant to say was that it was on my 50th!!

  3. Cats in the ceiling? LOL. I love that. It's a good bumper sticker because it'd be a conversation starter. Of course, if you're having a conversation on the road, it might not be a good thing. So, hm. But yes, I feel like that's my life too.

    And 50???? I don't think you even look 40. And yes, everyone else, we have met in person. So what's your secret? :D

  4. I'm still annoyed that your Harry Potter cake looked better than mine. And if my cats get you rich in the bumper sticker industry, I think I should get a cut!

  5. Poor kitties! I'm sure they miss their mom.

    I love the cake, those delightful bears and your entire year 50 celebration. :)

  6. Oh, Robin, you are so funny. You're not that much older than me, but we're both young at heart. :-)

    Happy Birthday!!!

  7. Theresa SchambachMay 2, 2009 at 6:57 PM

    This is TOO FUNNY! SO typical of Bundles and Leo to get up to that kind of hijinks.

    Love the pic of Kristi & Leo-- cute!