Saturday, May 2, 2009

Grand Prize Winner Announced!

Yesterday we held the drawing for the $50.00 gift card, and subscriber Jodie B. was the big winner. Jodie said she already has plans for the books she's going to buy. Congratulations, Jodie!

See why it pays to subscribe?

We run contests frequently, so stay tuned for the next one to be announced.

Also, co-blogger Kristi just arrived in L.A. last night--and they had an earthquake while she was moving in! A very small one, and fortunately we're not superstitious. But with a start like that, you'll want to keep posted.


  1. Hey Robin,
    I'm glad I stopped by. For some reason I haven't gotten a feed for the last several posts. Was I accidentally unsubscribed?

    Congrats on the big day! I have a birthday present for you the next time you come up.

  2. Yep, I KNEW Kristi would shake things up out west!

  3. An earthquake day one? Nothing like getting acclimated quickly!