Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Win a Signed Copy of The Eleventh Victim by Nancy Grace!

The Eleventh Victim: by Nancy Grace

As a young psychology student, Hailey Dean's world explodes when Will, her fiancé, is murdered just weeks before their wedding. Reeling, she fights back the only way she knows how: In court, prosecuting violent crime...putting away the bad guys one rapist, doper, and killer at a time. But dedicating her life to justice takes a toll after years of courtroom battles and the endless tide of victims calling out from crime scene photos and autopsy tables. Just as she grows truly weary, a serial killer unlike any other she's encountered begins to stalk the city of Atlanta, targeting young prostitutes, each horrific murder bearing his own unique mark. This courtroom battle will be her last.

Hailey heads for Manhattan to pick up the pieces of the life she had before Will's murder, training as a therapist. In a vibrant new world, she finally leaves her ghosts behind. But then her own clients are brutally murdered one by one by a copycat using the same M.O. as the Atlanta killer she hunted down years before. As the body count rises across Manhattan, Hailey is forced to match wits not only against a killer, but the famed NYPD.
Unless she returns to her former life and solves the case, still more innocent people will die at the hands of a killer who plans to get her, before she can get him!

Last Saturday, Nancy Grace was back in our home town to do a signing for her new novel, The Eleventh Victim. Nancy and I have known each other since the first grade. I would tell you how long ago that was, but Nancy would probably kill me. Suffice it to say, we've known each other a long time!

My friend Robin P., sister Frankie, me, and Nancy

Anyway, I'm looking forward to reading her novel--which is a first for her. She's done almost everything else in the world--prosecuting attorney, has her own show on CNN, mother of twins, writer of a non-fiction book. But this is her first novel.

I still remember a story that Nancy wrote (and read aloud) for a creative writing assignment in high school. I remember waiting for my turn to read my story to the class and thinking, I wish I had written that! Even then, I couldn't seem to come up with an idea that could be contained in a short story--or that had anything to do with real life. Mine had all these fantastical or historical elements and twisted Dickensian plots. Nancy's story was something simple about two best friends who were growing up and growing apart. Simple and powerful.

She has said she's been distracted by all the other life events from creative writing and that she's glad to get back to it--and that it took her a long time to write this book. That's encouraging. Maybe I'll get somewhere with one of mine eventually, too.

Anyway, I got an extra copy of it signed for one lucky reader out there. The Eleventh Victim is hot off the presses and on the New York Times bestseller list, so I think this would be a great prize!

Just leave a comment here before September 15 (NOTE: DEADLINE EXTENDED TO SEPT. 17) telling me you'd like to be entered in the drawing. Two rules: I have to know how to contact you if you win, and you have to respond within a week when I contact you or the prize goes to someone else.

Simple enough! Good luck!


  1. Keep up the good work and please enter me in your drawing, Ms. Robin :-)

  2. She certainly is a busy and productive woman! I guess I can't win the book, though. Oh well. I guess if I want one I'll have to BUY one.

  3. I saw Nancy Grace talking about this book on the Today Show a few days ago. I think it's great that she wrote a book. She said she practically stayed up all night a lot of nights writing. She has twins, less than two years old! Wow, what a feat to write a book with twin toddlers and a full-time job.

    And it's so cool that you know her, Robin!

  4. How does a TV personality have time to study the craft? So many of them write books. Do they use co-authors or ghost writers? I'll bet Nancy Grace's book is hilarious. I'd love to read it.

  5. Hey Robin, what a cool thing to know Nancy Grace, right?! I would really like to win that book. Sounds like a very suspenseful story, just my kind. Keep plugging away and you'll have that best-seller too!

  6. Hi Robin,
    I remember when Nancy visited Mercer a few years ago. I couldn't go because I had desk duty. I was so envious that you not only went, but was able to spend a few minutes talking to her! How awesome!
    Please enter me in the drawing.

  7. Hi Robin!!
    It's was good to know Nancy Grace.
    I'd love to win this book. Please, enter me.

    God's blessings

  8. So the above comment is from Terri. Posting under Robin's login. Terri.