Monday, October 19, 2009

Give-aways and this and that

Hi, all. A few juicy tidbits today.

First, Rose McCauley did a blog post today listing some of her favorite blogs that do frequent give-aways, particularly of books. So if you like free stuff, you might want to head over there and take a look. If you leave a comment, you'll also be eligible to win a copy of The Familiar Stranger by Christina Berry, which you may remember received a glowing recommendation on this site.

Rose mentioned our blog as one that does give-aways, and I am thinking of starting one up very soon. Probably won't be a book give-away this time. Maybe something a little bigger. Does that intrigue you?

Third, I posted late last week, an entry called "Gods With a Small G," but since I had drafted it weeks before, it has the old date and may not have shown up in your updates. It did show up on my facebook account and generated some lively discussion there!

Speaking of which, are any of you other blog friends of mine on facebook--other than the ones I've already made connections with? (You know who you are.) My account is under Robin Johns Grant if you want to be friends. (Now I feel like I'm in kindergarten.)

Well, that was totally random today, but I'm a little under the weather, so that's about as coherent as I can be. Anyway, as Rose said on her post, you never know what you'll find at this site!


  1. Yes, everyone should leave a comment to win THE FAMILIAR STRANGER! I'm headed to the PO with all the books for last month's winners today. :) Thanks for still giving us value while feeling sick and feel better soon!

  2. Thanks for the shout-out, Robin. I do hope many will enter for a chance to win The Familiar Stranger, or even run out and buy it on their own. It is a great read! And you definitely have piqued my interest about your new giveaway. I'm not on Facebook, but am glad to consider you my friend anyway!

  3. Robin, I hope you're feeling better already. Fall bugs are the worst--as are spring bugs, summer bugs, and winter bugs. :)