Friday, October 23, 2009

Stray Parrots?

Is there any such thing as a stray parrot?

This fellow was perched on a car in the parking lot of the restaurant we went to tonight. He was also calling "hello" to passers-by.

I figured no one would believe this if I didn't get a picture. Sorry it isn't clearer, but first, I took it with my cell phone. Second, when I tried to get close, he flapped his wings and squawked at me.

Maybe he was a low-tech car alarm.

Ah well. Rose McCauley recently commented that you never know what you'll find on this site. Apparently that's true!


  1. I hope he belonged to the car owner and wasn't lost. How cool! I thought this sort of thing only happened in Santa Monica.

  2. And you with your bird phobia! Of all people to see this! LOL Are you in therapy now, or have you recovered? Too bad it didn't happen when I was with you; I'd love to have seen it.

  3. How cute! Except that now I'm worried about the poor owner who must be looking frantically and crying about his poor parrot. :-( I hope he/she find their pet.

  4. I know, Melanie! I'm picturing a heart-broken pirate clomping along on his one leg, calling for his lost best friend! :)